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Victory Liner embarks on a remarkable journey that transcends time. As it celebrates 78 years of excellence, this transportation pioneer isn't content with just nostalgia; it's resurrecting the past. This time, it's not in words, but on wheels – a vintage bus.

Preserving Heritage and Legacy


The idea to restore this relic from the past initially surfaced during Victory Liner's 75th-anniversary preparations, but the pandemic paused those plans. Now, as normalcy returns, Victory Liner's celebration takes the form of thanksgiving and a nod to their roots.


The restoration of a Jardinera-type bus body on an International Harvester chassis and engine is more than a nostalgic endeavor; it's a testament to their legacy. This historic design, known as a "Toastrack" or "Charabanc," traces back to 19th-century France, and it's a symbol of the company's commitment to honor its roots and culture.

"Legacy is not merely a reflection of where we have been, but a guiding light for where we aim to go. In restoring this vintage bus, Victory Liner exemplifies the transport industry's potential to meld history with innovation, past with future," said VLI Officer. "It is a testament to the enduring vision of a company that seeks not just to serve but to inspire, leaving tire tracks of legacy for generations to come."

Symbolism in Simplicity: A Rolling Exhibit


The vintage bus, with its wooden seats and side entry, transports passengers to an era long past. It's a paradox – an embodiment of the company's respect for its history and its embrace of modernity. This rolling exhibit won't carry commuters but will travel Philippine roads, parked near town plazas and universities, allowing locals to sit, photograph, and reconnect with the nostalgia of yesteryears.


Investing in Heritage and Collaborative Spirit


Restoring history doesn't come without cost or effort. Victory Liner had invested in this project, meticulously sourcing trimmings and pre-fabricating wooden seats to maintain authenticity. In collaboration with Del Monte Motors, known for its bus body fabrication expertise, this experimental project became a reality. The restoration team left no stone unturned, scouring archives and the internet for old photographs to ensure historical accuracy.

Safety Meets Nostalgia


Even while restoring history, safety remains paramount. Del Monte Motors' experienced engineers ensured that the finished vintage bus met all safety and regulatory standards.


A Symbol of Victory and Resilience


Beyond nostalgia, this project embodies Victory Liner's brand identity. Born out of the victory in World War II, the company has always been synonymous with resilience. The vintage bus symbolizes not just their journey but also the Philippines' ability to overcome challenges. It serves as a reminder that victory can emerge from the most challenging circumstances.


Victory Liner's vintage bus is more than a restoration; it's a tribute, a symbol, and a journey. It's a celebration of 78 years of excellence and an exciting glimpse into the promising road ahead.

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